First time in Whyville

  • It was extremely easy to register and create a basic avatar in Whyville.
  • I loved that i can access the world through a browser and did not have to download an application to access it. Whyville works on Java enabled browsers on Macs and PCs.
  • Chatting was so simple and intuitive – just click and type.
  • I did not really like that my avatar had only half a body. Was a bit creepy to see a half body floating around in the world. It would be great to have a full body.
  • To move around you have to click on a location and the avatar will move to it. I would have preferred using my arrow keys to move around but since it is a 2D world, this form of movement works fine too.
  • I really enjoyed exploring Whyville Times, the towns newspaper written by the citizens of Whyville.
  • Exploring the website – This guided tour, available on the teachers section highlighted all the fabulous features in Whyville. I got to know that registering as a teacher in Whyville allows me to bring my students on and manage their accounts. The parents section gave me some examples of projects. The information presented on this page was able to instill the confidence I would need as a parent to allow my kids to be in this world. The about section sums up the Whyville world.

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