Whyville is an educational virtual world for children and teens, ages 10-16. Originally established to support an LA Times weekly science education article, this world’s motto is “learning by doing.” True to its word, Whyville actively engages its visitors and encourages them to participate in fun, educational events that give kids “hands-on” experience with science projects (in a virtual way, of course).

While Whyville is partially moderated with a language filter and a staff of “city workers,” the chat is not monitored 24/7 and it is recommended that parents monitor their child’s activity and review Whyville’s online safety procedures and recommendations before chatting.

According to the “Whyville Times” newspaper on the Whyville.net site, this world was averaging 22,000 visitors a day in August 2003. Visitors can log on as a guest or register for free. During busy times you may have to wait in a “waiting room” unless you purchase a “Whyville Pass” that gives you priority access. More

Other details –
URL: http://www.whyville.net
Company: Numedeon, Inc., Pasadena, CA
Launch Date: 1999
Cost: Free access, plus special “Whyville Pass” available for those who wish to pay for instant 24/7 access.
System Requirements: Java-enabled Web browser

In this world you can edit avatars, build and design content and have community events. You cannot script content, own or sell items. Read post on ‘Core Activities in Virtual Worlds‘.


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