Testimonials for Whyville

This page contains a few testimonials from parents, teachers and kids saying what they like about Whyville and why they like being there.

Key points extracted from the above link –

Making friends
Meeting kids from around the world
Fun learning experience
Lots to do
Safe place
Love the games
Education and fun

Safe and fun chat room
Education has been more valuable than the formal public school education
Safe environment for kids to chat in

Generate interest in science among girls
Science learning has become fun
Inquiry based educational environment
Contains the kinds of interaction kids seek while learning and having fun

In 2006, Whyville received iParenting’s award as the best Web site for kids and best on the Web for its safety features. Read the article – Why is Whyville a hit? It’s safe, fun – by Linda Knapp to know more about what makes Whyville safer than other online communities, which organizations are funding projects in Whyville, what kinds of activities members are involved in and why a growing number of educators are supporting this style of learning.


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