Metachat live on Facebook and MySpace

Metachat is a simple chat app created in Metaplace, with movie playing, soccer balls to kick around, and some other features.

This is not a MySpace specific app! It’s the standard Metaplace client you may have seen before in our stress tests. The same client you played Uberspace and Wheelwright in. Since Metaplace is client-agnostic, you can serve up really different sorts of worlds via the same standard client. The stuff around the client itself is leveraging OpenSocial to transparently log in MySpace accounts into Metaplace. The web-embeddable client comes with a Javascript container that lets you do stuff like that when you embed it on your own pages (eventually). Read More –

My experience using metachat live –

  • Super easy to access metaplace worlds just through the browser. Seamless integration with web technologies.
  • All the instructions to create a private room, go to a private room, think, tell etc. are provided in the help section. It would have been much easier if these were buttons in the interface. Some form more intuitive.
  • I liked the idea of throwing emotes and sharing YouTube videos with friends over chat.
  • The interface is a bit confusing. I cannot figure out how to spend my points to buy stuff. Sometimes UI windows appear and then I have no clue how to hide them or shut them.

But overall this is great. Very useful to see the different metaplace worlds that can be created and how they can be used on the web.


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